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The language of flowers starting with letters A to H

It was not possible to group together in the menu bar all the flowers whose meaning we give in the language of flowers on our site. So we’ve created a section called “others”. This is divided into three parts, with a first part dealing with flowers that begin with the letters A to H.

Other flowers A - H

These are displayed in the drop-down menu bar. It then gives access to a wide range of other flowers and their associated meaning.

Flowers, whose respective meanings in the language of flowers are the most popular, keep their pages accessible directly from the main menu.

For other flowers, feel free to click on the links below. These pages are also accessible by placing the cursor of your mouse on the box: Other A-H

Flowers with the first letter from A to H

  • Camellia: Flower whose meaning relates to love, the meaning is refined according to the color
  • Chrysanthemum: The Chrysanthemum is famous for the graves it adorns en masse on the feast of the dead in France. But it is also a flower that has joyful meanings that should not be overlooked
  • Crocus: The meaning of crocus in the language of flowers largely depends on its color. White, blue, yellow, red discover the meaning of the color of the crocus. Therefore, offer it according to your message to convey
  • Cyclamen: Flower of autumn, it shines while the others are going out. Its meaning in the language of flowers is inspired by its resistance to winter conditions.
  • Daffodil: Also a flower appearing in late winter or early spring for the coldest regions The daffodil has a special meaning in the language of flowers.
  • Dahlia: The Dahlia is a summer flower whose meaning is imbued with gratitude. It thus gives pride of place to love and its meaning is nuanced according to its color.
  • Fir tree: The fir tree is the king of Christmas trees. However, it is not a flower. But it also has a meaning in the language of flowers. And know that it can be offered as a flower in the form of mini-trees.
  • Geranium: Common flower in the planters of gardening enthusiasts, geranium has a meaning linked to love, the nuances of which are provided by the color of the flowers
  • Hyacinth: Flower of early spring and recognizable by its intoxicating scent alone. The hyacinth nevertheless has a meaning in its own right in the language of flowers.
  • Hydrangea: Like many other flowers, the meaning of hydrangea in the language of flowers is greatly influenced by its color.

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