Dahlia meaning in langage of flowers

Dahlia is a plant native to Central America which appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. Initially cultivated as an alternative to the potato, we quickly preferred its ornamental side. Indeed, its magnificent flowers are more pleasing than the poor taste qualities of its tuber.

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Dahlia has the advantage of having a long flowering period, which usually lasts all summer. In addition, it requires little maintenance and can grow freely in outdoor flower beds.

However, the dahlia fears frost. As winter approaches, the bulbs should be carefully dug up and stored indoors. Once winter is over, the bulbs can be put back in the ground for a new season.

We must act out passion before we can feel it.

In the language of flowers, dahlia symbolizes passion. The passion of love of course, whether it is a faithful and exclusive love, or a fleeting and intense love. And precisely, the meaning of this flower in the language of flowers adjusts according to the color of its petals.

A red dahlia means deep and unique love. You can offer it to your girlfriend or long-time companion, to remind her of the undiminished love we have for her.

A yellow dahlia stands for faithful love. The person who offers it will want to signify his fidelity, for example to reassure the person who receives it in a period of doubts or external temptations.

A pink dahlia symbolizes an invitation to move forward in a relationship. This can be for example to invite the person who receives it to go to the next level, to go further in passion.

A mauve/purple dahlia signifies lasting love, which has not lost in intensity since day one. We can offer it to show the loved one that the flame is still present despite the years.

An orange dahlia is synonymous with a declaration of love! Please note that the message is direct and unequivocal. It is indeed a one-way trip in the expression of one’s passionate feelings towards the person to whom one offers it.

So choose carefully and accurately the message you want to convey by offering this splendid flower!

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