Although the chrysanthemum is associated with the days of the dead in some countries, this flower is endowed with rather joyful meanings in the language of flowers.

It is an undeniable fact, in some countries, the chrysanthemum is THE flower that adorns the cemeteries on November 2, on All souls’ day, the day of the dead after All Saints’ day.

Credit Bay Area Chrysanthemum Society

This tradition dates back to the First World War. He then developed the custom of adorning the graves of the deceased with flowers. The date of the Day of the Dead coincides with the middle of autumn, it was necessary to find a flower in full bloom at this time of the year. The chrysanthemum was then widely used. It has become over the years an essential synonym of All Saints Day.

Today 25 million pots of chrysanthemums are deposited each year on the graves.but this flower is not always associated with death.

In Asia, where it originated, the chrysanthemum is revered as one of the most beautiful flowers there is. Each year an exhibition of this flower brings together thousands of Japanese. It is also the symbol of the imperial family!

A meaning according to color

In the language of flowers, if we disregard this mortuary side that sticks to this flower, it has joyful meanings. However, these are nuanced by the color of the flower.

  • A yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes absolute love, a love that touches perfection
  • Giving a red chrysanthemum is synonymous with intense love, true and present love.
  • A white chrysanthemum is the symbol of pure love, a love detached from any other thought.
  • When you give a pink chrysanthemum, you want to signify a budding love or a relationship that turns into love

So if you are not afraid that your gesture will be misinterpreted because of the tradition of the day of the dead, do not hesitate to offer chrysanthemums to the person you love, or to the person to whom you will eventually make a declaration of love !

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