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The language of flowers starting with the letters P to Z

petunia: flowers from P to Z
Credit: forest and kim starr

It was not technically realistic to group in the top bar of our website, all the flowers whose meaning we explain in the language of flowers. This is why a section has been created called “others” and which is subdivided into three parts. The third and last part talks about the flowers whose name begins with the letters from P to Z.

The name of these flowers is indicated in the drop-down menu bar. It thus refers to a lot of other flowers and what they mean in the language of flowers. On the other hand, the flowers which benefit from a stronger popularity in the language of flowers, have been kept accessible directly from the top menu bar.

With regard to the other flowers, you can click with your mouse on the links below. The latter also being accessible by positioning your cursor on the box: Others P-Z

Petunia: Love, again and again? Did you think that flowers were only used to express romantic feelings? Well, no! With the petunia, discover that the language of flowers has other meanings than shades of love.

Sunflower: Due to its singular geometry, the flower of the sun has a meaning all found in the language of flowers. Flower that embellishes the countryside in summer, find its meaning by clicking on the link.