The Lily has had meanings in the language of flowers since ancient times.

From the Liliaceae family and the genus Lilium, the lily is a flower that can be found in the wild in mountains and in forest areas. There are over a hundred species that are distributed across the globe.

There are different accounts of this flower in Greek mythology and in times of antiquity. The fact that a man offered a crown of lilies to the chosen one of his heart meant that he wanted her to have a pure and fertile life. The Romans associated this flower with a symbol of virginity, innocence and pure love.

The lily also aroused the admiration of kings during the days of the monarchy in France. This is also why this flower was found on the crests and on all French arms of the time. And according to the origins, this flower is the symbol of the victory of Clovis.

The lily exists in several colors and each color represents a meaning.

Orange lily
Credit: Paul Paradis

The white lily is thus associated with the Virgin Mary. This is why it is called the lily of the Madonna. It is through the arts that we find this symbol. One can notice on Leonardo’s painting, The Annunciation (circa 1474), that the Archangel Gabriel has in his hands a stem of this flower. The latter is thus the symbol of purity, of virginity. It is often used on the occasion of weddings.

But from another point of view, the white lily can represent mourning. Flowers can be used to express our emotions and this flower is no exception. It gives off a sort of serene and pure atmosphere. It allows the grieving person to alleviate their suffering and at the same time express their grief.

Red in color, it inspires the pride of love and the person offering it wants to take up a challenge by whispering through the flower “dare to love me”. Yellow in color, he also expresses a similar feeling, but with a bit of pride. Finally, pink in color, it is the symbol of tenderness and affection.

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