Yellow rose

The yellow rose, less famous in the language of flowers than the red rose, retains nevertheless a strong meaning

The yellow rose is a beautiful radiant flower, probably because it has the color of the sun. It thus symbolizes heat and light. However, it has a history stretching back many centuries, in which the yellow rose means something else.

yellow rose
Credit : Leon Brooks

History lived or invented, the legend today exists. It all started when God suspected his favorite wife of being unfaithful. Wanting to be sure, he went to ask Archangel Gabriel for advice. The latter advised him to tell his wife, as soon as he returned to the war, to throw the flowers in the river. If the flowers changed color, the betrayal would be confirmed.

So when God arrived, his wife greeted him with red roses. But immediately he asked her to throw them into the river. To his amazement, the red roses turned saffron yellow, confirming his wife’s infidelity. From then on, the yellow rose became the symbol of infidelity, betrayal or even breaking up.

You have to know how to discern its meaning depending on the situation.

So in a romantic relationship, when the partner offers one or more yellow roses to his or her lover, it assumes that he or she wants to ask for forgiveness or confess a mistake or that he or she wants a breakup.

The gesture can also mean that the person offering the flowers is in love, but does not know whether the other person’s feeling is mutual. It is about expressing an ambiguity of feeling.

But if we return to its sunshine color, the yellow rose also evokes joy or friendship. It can be offered to express friendly feelings or to reveal playfulness. So a few yellow roses to decorate a reception hall can just mean the party promises to be fun.

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