Depending on its color, the tulip offers several meanings in the language of flowers.

Herbaceous plant of the liliaceae family, the tulip is an ornamental flowering plant that comes in several varieties. In the language of flowers, its meaning differs according to its color. But in general, the tulip symbolizes love and derived feelings.

Credit: Mulhouseville

Starting with the red tulip, this one is similar to the red rose, as it also expresses a sincere and strong love. It allows you to make a declaration of love where eroticism and flame merge. All this rhymes with sensuality and pleasure. So, slipping this red flower under a woman’s pillow means that you want to spend a night of sensual love with her.

The white tulip expresses extreme, sincere and idealized love. It can be offered to the loved one on any occasion.

The pink tulip is the symbol of a love being born. The softness of the color pink reflects very well this love so innocent and so fragile.

As for the yellow tulip, it expresses concern for the person you love. Worried about the duration of this love, worried about life without this love. It can even symbolize despair, see the fear of an impossible love.

Of variegated or mixed color, it can translate two meanings. On the one hand, she arouses admiration and on the other hand, she expresses the wildest seduction. The person offering it wants to love unrestrained and madly.

Black in color, it is the symbol of intense love, but one that is lived in suffering. The loved one may be far away or dead. Which means that we are ready to do anything to relive that love and even die for it.

To tell a woman that she has beautiful eyes or a beautiful look, you can give her a colorful tulip.

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