Lavender in the language of flowers

Lavender is famous for its incomparable and recognizable fragrance. But it also has a meaning in the language of flowers that should not be ignored.

Lavender is a flower native to the Mediterranean basin but it is not difficult to grow in colder and more humid regions. Its shape, its purple color and especially its fragrance, in the background a flower that is clearly distinguished from the others.

A message of tenderness

Credit: city of Digne-les-Bains

Its summer flowering in the background is a flower associated with the sun and the heat. This is probably where lavender gets its meaning in the language of flowers. Indeed, lavender is associated with tenderness.

In a friendly relationship or in the family setting, a bouquet of lavender will express a message of tenderness. It can be a flower given to a relative, such as an aunt, a grandmother. This both to please but also to show that we associate this person with an image of tenderness.

In a romantic relationship, offering a lavender will also be loaded with a message of tenderness. We can for example offer it to his (her) beloved to tell him of his desire for tenderness, ignoring a message of more carnal desire.

We can also offer it to be forgiven, with an approach based on tenderness and humility. While calling on the person receiving it to be lenient. It may be a suitable flower in this case. This unlike other flowers with a message that is too “strong” like roses for example.

Either way, you can’t miss your target with a bouquet of lavender. His message of tenderness will not offend anyone. As a bonus, its fragrance will make the room in which the bouquet is placed a pleasant place to live.

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