The poppy has several meanings in the language of flowers

The poppy is a flowering plant of the Papaveraceae family. Its Latin name is papaver rhoeas. It is also recognized by its names “red poppy” and “wild poppy”. The poppy flowers embellish the meadows and gardens with their red dresses during the summer seasons.

In ancient times, the Egyptians used poppy petals to arrange them all over the tombs so that the deceased could have a good and sweet sleep. Among the Greeks, the flower is more a question of a myth where Morpheus, worried to see Demeter tired of looking for his daughter Persephone, offers her a bouquet of poppies to fall asleep.

Credit: Thomas Bresson

The poppy indeed has a sedative property. It contains a special alkaloid called rhœadine. This has been used for a long time to give children and adults a restful and restful sleep. The flower was also used to cure hyperemotion, nervousness and even ailments of the respiratory system. Therefore, offering a bouquet of this flower means giving comfort to the one who suffers, whether it is because of heartache or the loss of a loved one. The flower lulls sorrows into sleep and oblivion. It thus represents consolation, rest and tranquility.

Even more romantic, since the poppy is a beautiful, delicate flower that can wither quickly, it can mean “let’s love each other sooner”. It is because its beauty is fleeting that one must take advantage of it to enjoy this ardor.

However, what you notice with poppies is that they don’t need to be replanted to regrow and bloom again. With their thousands of seeds escaping from their fruit, they reseed themselves on their own without the help of humans or insects. This is why it is associated with the symbol of fertility, fertility.

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