Cyclamen in the language of flowers

Of Mediterranean origin, we find the cyclamen in many stories or historical facts.

This shows the enthusiasm that men have had for this flower over the centuries. Starting with the Romans who appreciated it in particular for its fragrance. Then in the Renaissance, period during which the cyclamen becomes very fashionable in Europe.

Credit: Darkone

Finally, its popularity exploded in the 20th century. This flower is now common in everyone’s gardens. It is not uncommon to give this flower or receive it as a gift.

It is important to know the meaning of cyclamen in the language of flowers. Indeed, depending on its color, this flower can have very different meanings. And here they are :

The red cyclamen symbolizes love, but an exclusive love, close to jealousy. Giving it is the mark of a total, absolute, unique love. But it should be offered with care. Or else, knowingly to get a specific message across.

The pink cyclamen symbolizes a budding love, a growing affection. We can offer it to someone with whom we have been in a relationship for a few days or a few weeks. It’s a way of getting a subtle message across without having to use words.

Finally, a white cyclamen conveys a message of tenderness. The one who offers it wants most of the time to thank the person who receives it for the tenderness he has shown. An ideal gift for a family member or a true friend for example.

In other cultures, this flower also has a strong meaning. Thus in Japan, the cyclamen is THE flower of love. The equivalent of the red rose in our contries.

Now the choice is yours! Select the correct color according to the message you want to convey through the language of flowers!

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