Geranium in the language of flowers

Geranium is a plant that is frequently found in private gardens. Some even call it “balcony queen” flowers, easily found in tubs or planters.

In spring, it is therefore common to see geraniums appear on the terraces of apartments. Whether it is in town or in the gardens of country houses. It happens after this plant has been stored all winter. Indeed, geraniums do not like the cold and fear much frost.

Like for other flowers such as roses, the geranium has a meaning that has to do with love in the language of flowers.

Its meaning is then refined according to the color of its flowers.

Credit : Yann (d)

So, a red-flowering geranium, which is arguably the most common sight, is a plant that signifies haunting love in the language of flowers. But this adjective “haunting” can be understood in a positive as well as a negative sense.

By gifting a red geranium, you are indicating that you are an obsessive lover of the person to whom you are offering this flower. This may be flattering to that person, but be careful not to sound like a psychopath!

As often, the color pink attenuates the feelings carried by the color red. Giving a geranium with pink flowers means in the language of flowers that you are happy to be with the person receiving it. An ideal gift to convey a tender message.

And to stay within the framework of the usual meanings, gifting a white geranium means that you have pure love for the person to whom you are offering it. Indeed, white is traditionally associated with purity. So it can be an ideal flower to offer as part of a recent love. As in the first moments of a relationship for example.

Red, pink, white, now make you choice !

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