Rose is one of the most famous flowers in the language of flowers.

Rose is one of the most famous flowers for its meaning in the language of flowers. Perhaps we should say “its meanings”. Because depending on its color, this flower can bring multiple nuances to the meaning that is given to it.

Multiple colors

  • Probably the best known for its meaning in the language of flowers, the red rose is the symbol of absolute and passionate love. Object of inspiration for many artists, the popularity of red roses has never wavered over the centuries. It is also the star of Valentine’s Day flowers.
Credit: Michael Kobayashi´╝łC)ROSESHOP
  • The yellow rose may have a lesser-known meaning in the language of flowers, but the meaning of this flower is no less strong. This flower should be handled with care, as its meaning depends on the context in which it is offered.
  • The white rose, third in our list, also has a special meaning. Also less famous in the language of flowers than its big sister dressed in red, the white rose has a meaning of its own. It is necessary to know it in order to avoid any mistakes.
  • Rose is also available in orange roses with an unequivocal meaning. Offering it can be summed up as a toss-up between you and the person to whom you offer it. Not to be offered lightly, especially if the person receiving it knows the language of flowers.
  • There are also pink roses, whose meaning brings a nuance to that of red roses. To offer to a person to whom you want to show tender love, such as your mother for example.

Now make your choice among the colors of roses according to the message you want to express through the language of flowers!

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