Daffodil is one of the symbols of spring with its own meaning in the language of flowers.

The daffodil is undoubtedly one of the flowers that marks the beginning of spring. These large stems and these yellow flowers stand out in a vegetation still characterized by the harshness of winter.

In reality, the daffodil is a variety of narcissus. But out of habit, the word daffodil is widely used to designate this flower. And even to refer more generally to narcissus.

Daffodils grow naturally everywhere, especially in forests. Gardeners also put it in gardens, whether private or public gardens. This mainly to give these places an air of renewal, because this flower is one of the first to bloom in spring, barely winter is over.

Double or quits

Credit: Frentea

In the language of flowers, the daffodil has its own meaning, linked to love but imbued with a subtlety that needs to be mastered. This flower is the symbol of a love desire, but a desire that is slow to be fulfilled. When we offer this flower, we may want to convey the message of a certain love, but of a love that can no longer wait.

In some cases, giving a daffodil can feel like an ultimatum. We want to tell the person to whom we offer daffodils that we are burning with desire for them, but that we can no longer remain unanswered. It also expresses the risk that this desire fades and that the chance to seize it passes irremediably.

It can express a declaration of love but on a double or quits gambling. The person receiving a daffodil will need to understand the feelings that the person giving it is expressing to them. But it will be necessary to seize this chance on the moment, with the risk that this one passes and that it does not represent never again. The person who receives a daffodil will have to make a choice, seize this love and lose it forever.