The meaning of camellia in the language of flowers depends on its color

Camellia is a shrub that provides many flowers in spring. It is also one of the symbols of this season. We will admire its multiple flowers resembling roses. The gardens which are adorned with them will therefore offer a remarkable colorful spectacle. This contrasts with the sad winter which has just ended.

Camellias are native to Asia, where they have been cultivated since ancient times. They arrive in Europe in the 17th century where they quickly adopted for the beauty of their flowers

The camellia offers a panel of colors from which is derived the meaning


Once is not custom, it is a question of love when we talk about this flower in the language of flowers. But its precise meaning is refined according to the color of its petals.

Find below the meaning of this flower according to its color:

As often with red flowers, red camellia will evoke total and passionate love. It will be reminiscent of the red rose or the red tulip. It is therefore possible to offer this flower to express all his love to the person of his heart.

The pink camellia symbolizes the pride of loving. We can thus offer it to his or her beloved to show him the pride that we feel in sharing his love. It is both a gesture of love but also a gesture of respect for the loved one

The white camellia also evokes pride, but in a different sense. It symbolizes being too proud to love someone. We can offer it to a man or a woman who seems to reject out of pride the love that we have for him.

Whatever the color of its flowers, the camellia remains a shrub with magnificent flowers. It will beautify your garden with its dense and colorful flowers.

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