Red rose

The red rose is the symbol of absolute love in the language of flowers

The rose is a flower appreciated for its beauty, but also for its fragrance. From the Rosaceae family, the rose comes in several colors. The red rose is known as the queen of flowers.

Venerated since antiquity by poets, the object of inspiration of many painters such as Botticelli, Bernardino Luini and Blanche Odin, it has become the very symbol of love.

It is undoubtedly by its bright color, its fluffy petals and its always radiant appearance that the red rose represents passionate and absolute love. When a person, usually a man, gives a red rose to a woman, he is showing his love for her. A true love, strong and deep.

A promise of true love, unique and moreover eternal

Before a relationship is born, a suitor can declare his love for a woman with a red rose. It is a simple and pure gesture, but it has all its meaning.

rose rouge
Credit : Peggy Greb

It is possible to offer several stems of red roses for several occasions such as Valentine’s Day, the wedding anniversary or the birthday of a loved one. Under 10 roses, we can offer flowers in odd numbers. A pair of tied red roses signifies that whoever offers them wishes to exteriorize this deep love into physical union. And as we all know, offering a bouquet of 12 red roses means a marriage proposal.

To show your unwavering love for a woman, you can send a bouquet of red roses every month. Women usually appreciate this kind of attention. This gesture can also mean that she will forever be the most beautiful of all.

In addition to expressing sincere love, the red rose also expresses respect, appreciation and admiration. In short, you don’t give a bouquet of red roses to anybody. Better to offer it to the chosen one of your heart.

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