The meaning of the iris in the language of flowers has its origins in the oldest times

In Greek mythology, Iris is the messenger of the gods, and in particular of Hera. The latter adored Iris because she only brought her good news!

yellow iris
Credit: pipi69e

Even today this legend continues through the language of flowers. Indeed, this flower is associated with good news. It is thus offered as part of a happy event!

If the meaning of the iris in the language of flowers generally relates to good news, it can be refined by the color that this flower takes on.

Multiple colors

Thus, offering a blue iris further reinforces the message of approaching good news. It can also serve as an introduction to precisely share good news with the person to whom it is offered.

Giving a white iris is a way to show the love for the recipient of the flower. This can be precisely the way to announce your love to a person. Or a way to make a statement in marriage that will again be considered good news.

A yellow iris is offered to express the happiness that one feels in loving the person to whom one offers this flower. Offering this yellow flower will do more to reaffirm your love than to declare it. It can be offered, for example, after an argument as a form of reconciliation. Or to announce to the person to whom it is offered the happiness felt in loving it.

We go up a notch in intensity with the purple iris. This one is offered to express the intense feelings that provide for the one who offers it, the eyes of the recipient of this flower. When a person offers this purple-colored flower, the language of flowers is self-explanatory. This is the sign of a sentimental shock!

An orange iris is a way of expressing fiery love in the language of flowers. Due to its shape and color, it is visually close to a flame. By this physical resemblance, offering this orange flower testifies to the inner fire that animates the person who offers it when he thinks of the person who receives it.

The meaning of the iris in the language of flowers is now clearer and you will now know for what occasion to offer it.