In the language of flowers, the sunflower has a meaning coming from the sun

The sunflower is a flower that lights up many crop fields in our countryside during the summer. It owes it mainly to its unequivocal shape and its bright colors.

But it is not only a splendid flower. The sunflower is indeed grown for the oil that is extracted from its seeds. It provides Europe with one of the main sources of edible oils.

In the language of flowers, the sunflower derives its meaning directly from its shape and the colors of its petals. In fact, in addition to being the flower that turns towards the morning sun, it evokes a sun. This thanks to its rounded center and its yellow petals which look like so many rays of our star illuminating and warming our planet. Now we understand its name “the flower of the sun”.

Giving a sunflower carries a strong message


In a magical way, the flower of the sunflower which grows in the ground, is oriented towards the east, towards the rising sun. As if to seek the first lights of our star after the darkness of the night.

It is therefore quite natural that offering a sunflower in the language of flowers testifies to the unreserved admiration that one has for the recipient of this flower. It’s a way of saying “you are my sunshine” to the person who receives it. This illuminates the person who offers it, as the sun can illuminate the Earth.

It is a strong message that may be a message of love, but may also not be. In the language of flowers, the sunflower can for example be offered by students to a teacher to show him the admiration that his students have for him, without any notion of love being conveyed as often with flowers. Giving this flower is a great way to convey that respectful recognition. This without ambiguous feelings of possible love having passed.

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