Violets have a great meaning in the language of flowers, through several cultural civilizations

Violets are part of the genus Viola which is divided into two groups according to the arrangement of their petals. We have on one side pansies which have four petals upwards and one downwards. And on the other side violets which have two petals upwards and three others downwards. But in everyday language, they are confused, sometimes they are called violets, sometimes pansies.

Legends and lived stories have taken hold of violet flowers, which have today become the symbol of modesty or even of a secret love. But in antiquity, it was one of the funerary flowers among the Romans. Reason is the legend of Proserpina who picked violet flowers when she was sent to hell.

Over time and across many civilizations, violet flowers have had great meanings

Crédit : Pierre-Philippe Arnould

Undoubtedly by their petals, some of which seem to hesitate to show themselves, the violets embody shyness. In sentimental matters, when a man offers a bouquet of violets to a woman, it is because he was silent for a long time due to his shyness, but finally he manages to reveal his love. However, the announcement is always done discreetly.

Another meaning close to the previous one shows that violet flowers can also express a hidden love, in the sense that two lovers madly in love do not want their relationship to be known. Violets then symbolizes discretion.

For the other species of Viola, i.e. the pansies, the meaning varies according to the colors. But in general, they reflect memories. Blue pansies show a faithful love or friendship. The white pansies express the joy of living, while the red ones express love.

Giving two violets signifies that the giver wishes to share something with the person receiving them, be it friendship, passion, or love.