Petunias in the language of flowers

Petunias are plants native to South America that come in about twenty species. They are plants that flower from the end of winter until the following winter. They are also plants that do not require much maintenance. It is therefore easy to understand why we frequently found them in our gardens.


If you are a regular visitor to our website or if you have advanced knowledge of the language of flowers, you probably know that many flowers have meanings related to love or tenderness. Sometimes a few nuances appear depending on the color of the petals.

Well, for petunias it’s just the opposite! Buy petunias for yourself and put it in your garden or in a planter on your balcony will be the most beautiful effect. But be careful when you want to offer this flower!

Indeed, in the language of flowers, petunias are synonymous with anger. Either one offers them to express one’s anger towards the person to whom one offers it, or one offers them to find out more about the reason for that person’s anger.

If you receive petunias, ask yourself if the person giving it to you is angry. If you are the one who is angry, then this offering is probably a call to explain with the person who offers it to you.

In any case, offering petunias means that a dialogue is necessary. This can be a colorful way of asking for a frank explanation between two people. A way of lancing the festering boil in a way.

If the dialogue is constructive, you will feel that you have progressed in your relationship with the person. Otherwise, you will at least have the heart net. Either way, you will always have the opportunity to give or receive beautiful flowers!

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