Others I-O

The language of flowers beginning with the letters I to O

It was impossible to put together in the menu bar all the flowers whose meaning in the language of flowers is given on our site. This is the reason why a part called “others” has been created. These are divided into three sections. The second part describes the flowers whose first letter goes from I to O.

Flowers I to O

The flowers in question appear in the drop-down menu bar. It then redirects to a set of other flowers and their associated meanings. On the other hand, the flowers which have a strong meaning in the language of flowers remain accessible directly from the main menu.

For flowers not lucky enough to be given a place on the main menu, please click on the links below. You can also find by moving your mouse over the box: others I-O

  • Iris: Flower of summer, the iris marvels with its specific shape and multiple colors. The iris is a flower of great beauty endowed
  • Lavender: Flower with a recognizable scent among hundreds of others. Lavender has its own meaning in the language of flowers.
  • Lilac: Deliciously fragrant, lilac is used to express amorous feelings, the shade of which is made by the colors of this flower.
  • Magnolia: When spring arrives, the magnolia shines and is synonymous with renewal after the winter that has just ended. It also has meaning in the language of flowers.