Flower of spring, the crocus has different meanings in the language of flowers depending on the color of its petals

Depending on the variety, the crocus is a spring or autumn flower. Small decorative flower, they are widely found among amateur gardeners. Its shimmering colors embellish private gardens.

Precisely, the color of the crocus determines its meaning in the language of flowers. crocus

Credit : Emőke Dénes

The white crocus is a symbol of joy. We can offer it to show the pleasure we feel to be with the person to whom we offer it. You can also wear this flower in white color on yourself. Like in his jacket pocket or in his hair, to show his joy to others.

You have to be wary with the blue crocus. Indeed, it can express feelings that are not always very easy to understand, torn between hope and fear. Thus, before offering this flower with blue petals, it is better to be sure of the context and to know the person to whom it is offered in order to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.

The yellow crocus can express a somewhat special request to the person to whom it is offered. This can be a request from the person to be reassured by this person, for example on his feelings towards or the one who offers this flower. Most of the time, the person who offers it invites the person who receives it to comment.

When we offer a red crocus, it can mean the fear of loving the person to whom we offer this flower. For example, when you have feelings for someone but fear difficulties in the future relationship if it were to materialize. This can be an opportunity to invite the person who receives this red flower to share their opinion on a possible relationship and the dreaded difficulties.

The crocus is a flower that has special meanings in the language of flowers based on the color of its petals.

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