Best flowers for valentine’s day

How to select the right flowers for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is a unique moment to celebrate the love you have for your beloved one. It is an unmissable occasion to offer flowers to the person you love. But flowers are full of special meanings. It is important to make the right choice from among all the varieties available at the florist.

Red roses, the classic Valentine’s Day flower

red roses for valentine's day
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You don’t want to take any risk ? so go for the red rose! By the unit to make it simple, by the dozen to make it classic or by the number of 101, to declare a crazy love, the red rose is the standard flower for Valentine’s Day. With it, you’ll be sure of the message of love you want to send.

Yellow roses, white roses, Pay attention to the meaning of these alternatives …

If you want to stay with roses but want to vary the colours a little and be more original, there are other shades with their own meanings. For example, a white rose is a sign of affection, to express friendship or even budding love. But it can also be interpreted as a wish by the person offering it that the relationship never becomes more than friendship. A yellow rose is traditionally offered when one wishes to express a request for forgiveness. Lovers’ day can be a good opportunity to ask for forgiveness, but be prepared…

Other flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Of course, rose is the star flower of Valentine’s Day but there are many other flowers. And you could stand out and show off your originality by offering something else than a rose for Valentine’s Day! So a red tulip also conveys the message of strong love, with a touch of sensuality ! A white carnation has in the language of flowers the meaning of a faithful and pure love

Classic or original, traditional or daring, choose well the flowers that you will offer for the lovers day ! You will be able to score points with your sweetheart, or the other way round…

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