Top 5 flowers to offer at Christmas

If you are looking to offer someone flowers for Christmas, here are some options to choose from

Christmas is a time of year when we love to celebrate and offer gifts to our loved ones. Flowers are often a popular choice for special occasions, and Christmas is no exception.

offer flowers
  • Poinsettias: Poinsettias are a classic Christmas flower, with their bright red leaves and small white flowers. They often decorate homes during the holiday season. They make a perfect gift for those who love traditional Christmas flowers.
  • Red Roses: Red roses are a popular choice for romantic occasions, and Christmas is certainly one of them. Giving someone red roses for Christmas shows your love and affection, making them an ideal gift for your partner or family.
  • Lilies: Lilies are a majestic and elegant flower, with their large white or yellow blooms. They are often associated with purity and peace, making them a perfect choice for the holidays. Giving lilies to someone for Christmas will certainly be appreciated.
  • Orchids: Orchids are an exotic and luxurious flower, with their beautiful colors and elegant shapes. They make an ideal gift for those who appreciate unique and rare flowers.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are a popular Christmas flower, with their colorful blooms and strong stems. They can decorate homes perfectly during the holiday season. This makes them an ideal Christmas gift.

In the end, no matter which flower you choose, the important thing is to show the person you are giving it to that you are thinking about them. By giving flowers, you can’t go wrong with wishing them a happy holiday season. Whether it’s poinsettias, red roses, lilies, orchids or chrysanthemums, flowers are a perfect way to express your affection and love this holiday season.

Canadian Tulip Festival of Ottawa 2022

The Canadian Tulip Festival takes place in Ottawa. This year we were there!

It had been several years since we heard about the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. And as flower lovers, we dreamed of going there! Unfortunately, a global pandemic decided otherwise, and we had put our project aside.

Canadian Tulip Festival

Finally, COVID-19 is giving us some respite in the spring of 2022. So we take the opportunity to go to Canada’s capital!

The festival takes place from May 13 to 23, 2022 in Commissioners Park located in downtown Ottawa. We were there on the first day of the festival, in rather unusual heat for mid-May. It was indeed 29°C while the average is more around 15°C in this season.

We arrived at the park a little late, the sun was no longer at its zenith. So it was less hot but the light was not exceptional for taking pictures.

The park is dotted with several beds of tulips, the latter being grouped by variety and color.

You could find purple dream tulips, easily identifiable with their mauve color and pointed petals. This gives them an incomparable charm and they were very popular with visitors.

purple dream tulips

In the category of tulips with pointed petals, there were also Ballerina lily-flowered tulips. The difference here being the color of the petals, since these tulips are a flamboyant orange color.

tulipes frangées

Further in the park was a beautiful bed of fringed tulips. Unfortunately, I did not retain the name of the variety. Maybe they were Queenslanders or Huis ten bosch. If you’ve been through the festival and know the name of this strain, let me know in the comments.

festival canadien des tulipes d’Ottawa

In the middle of a sea of ​​grass was a bed of yellow empress tulips whose bright yellow contrasted with the green of the surrounding grass. It gave the haunting impression of a sun lying on the ground.

tulipes yellow empress

At the southeastern tip of the park, we came across a final bouquet where 5 varieties of tulips mixed together like a firework of multiple colors. There were Mariette, Flower power, dream touch, Garden Fire and yellow Madonna tulips grouped together.

Ottawa Canadian Tulip Festival

There were still many other varieties of tulips present at the 2022 Ottawa Canadian Tulip Festival. The purpose of this article was not to comprehensively cover the varieties on display but to introduce you to the 2022 edition of festival. I hope this has given you the desire to go there.

Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day 2022 will be a great opportunity to give flowers

In most of the world, Mother’s Day 2022 is celebrated on May 8th. But there are exceptions : in the UK mothers are celebrated on March 27th, in France on May 29th.

Mark this important day in your calendars! Because it is a perfect date to give flowers to your beloved moms. But don’t give flowers randomly, follow the language of flowers to guide your choice.

Mother's Day 2022
Credit: HayDmitriy

With that said, where to start? Obviously, the champions of Mother’s Day 2022 are once again roses. With the undisputed star being the red rose.

But did you know that there are many alternatives to roses to give for Mother’s Day 2022?

The tulip is a good option if you want to give something other than roses. Indeed, regardless of its color, the tulip has a meaning that relates to love.

Peonys also stand out in the list of ideal flowers for Mother’s Day 2022. Indeed, it is a splendid flower that symbolizes feminine beauty.

Carnation can also be part of the flowers to give to her mother on Mother’s Day. More particularly a red carnation in white. The first one symbolizes a deep love, the second one a pure love.

Giving a camellia will also make moms happy. A red camellia symbolizes total love. A pink camellia shows pride in loving the person to whom it is given.

An iris can also be the perfect Mother’s Day flower. A white iris shows the love you feel. A yellow iris symbolizes the happiness you have in loving the person who receives the flower.

If you didn’t have any gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022, now you have plenty to choose from! If that’s not enough for you, you can discover the meaning of many other flowers by browsing our site.

Spring has arrived

Spring is finally here, the flowers are enjoying it!

You may not have felt it given the always cool temperatures that accompany our days, but spring has finally arrived. And what better witnesses of this new season than the flowers that have taken up position everywhere around us.

spring is coming
Credit: Isasza

Daffodils had already been out for a few days and now it is almost impossible to miss them. Whether in a public garden, at a private home and even in the wild in the fields of our countryside or near the cities. The daffodil is the flower of love that cannot wait any longer, a bit like the spring we are waiting for and which was slow to come when we were in the depths of winter!

More recently, you have probably seen crocuses emerging from the ground, embellishing the ground with their multicolored flowers. And it is precisely with their colors that crocuses gain their meaning in the language of flowers. Whether that be joy, hope, doubt or even fear. It’s up to you to choose the right color!

Hyacinths are also part of the celebration with the arrival of spring. Beautiful flowers with bells have appeared in recent days, there too with multiple colors to delight the eyes. And the delight of noses, because the hyacinth has this scent so bewitching and recognizable among a thousand. Again, it is the color of the flower that determined its meaning in the language of flowers. Thanks to hyacinths, you can express either joy, love, hope or happiness.

Flowers are once again in the spotlight with spring coming, so don’t hesitate to offer some around you. But take care to check the language of the flowers to be sure that the flowers you plan to offer suit the meaning you want to convey.

Flowers of the month of November

The month of November is the month when fall is in full swing. As the leaves of the trees fall, some flowers bloom

Cold begins to settle in this month of November and this is only the beginning. Winter and its freezing temperatures are not here yet but are coming fast. Despite the weather which is hardly encouraging, some flowers choose this period to show themselves in their best days


chrysanthemum in november
Crédit : Laitche

Although the chrysanthemum blooms from June to November, it is especially during this former month that this flower sees its popularity reach its peak.

Indeed, the chrysanthemum is known to be the flower of cemeteries on the occasion of All Saints’ Day.

Yet this flower has a joyful meaning in the language of flowers. In other cultures, it is a flower that is offered to the loved one, as in Japan which is his country of origin. In addition to love, the chrysanthemum expresses loyalty, hope, joy, …


cyclamen de novembre
Credit: Hungda

Small flowers grouped at the top of stems raised towards the sky, the cyclamen is a flower that is not afraid of the cold. This is good in this month of November when temperatures drop as the duration of sunshine.

In the language of flowers, the cyclamen is precisely inspired by its resistance to difficult conditions.

Its meaning is linked to a strong love that will withstand all trials. We can even offer it to express a love tinged with jealousy. Thus, offering cyclamen can mean “I love you so much that I can’t stand someone else approaching you”.

While the cold is more and more present in this month of November, do not hesitate to offer flowers to your loved ones. You can be certain that this present will warm their hearts !

Best flowers for valentine’s day

How to select the right flowers for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is a unique moment to celebrate the love you have for your beloved one. It is an unmissable occasion to offer flowers to the person you love. But flowers are full of special meanings. It is important to make the right choice from among all the varieties available at the florist.

Red roses, the classic Valentine’s Day flower

red roses for valentine's day
Crédit : Bugeja kurt

You don’t want to take any risk ? so go for the red rose! By the unit to make it simple, by the dozen to make it classic or by the number of 101, to declare a crazy love, the red rose is the standard flower for Valentine’s Day. With it, you’ll be sure of the message of love you want to send.

Yellow roses, white roses, Pay attention to the meaning of these alternatives …

If you want to stay with roses but want to vary the colours a little and be more original, there are other shades with their own meanings. For example, a white rose is a sign of affection, to express friendship or even budding love. But it can also be interpreted as a wish by the person offering it that the relationship never becomes more than friendship. A yellow rose is traditionally offered when one wishes to express a request for forgiveness. Lovers’ day can be a good opportunity to ask for forgiveness, but be prepared…

Other flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Of course, rose is the star flower of Valentine’s Day but there are many other flowers. And you could stand out and show off your originality by offering something else than a rose for Valentine’s Day! So a red tulip also conveys the message of strong love, with a touch of sensuality ! A white carnation has in the language of flowers the meaning of a faithful and pure love

Classic or original, traditional or daring, choose well the flowers that you will offer for the lovers day ! You will be able to score points with your sweetheart, or the other way round…