Flowers of the month of November

The month of November is the month when fall is in full swing. As the leaves of the trees fall, some flowers bloom

Cold begins to settle in this month of November and this is only the beginning. Winter and its freezing temperatures are not here yet but are coming fast. Despite the weather which is hardly encouraging, some flowers choose this period to show themselves in their best days


chrysanthemum in november
Crédit : Laitche

Although the chrysanthemum blooms from June to November, it is especially during this former month that this flower sees its popularity reach its peak.

Indeed, the chrysanthemum is known to be the flower of cemeteries on the occasion of All Saints’ Day.

Yet this flower has a joyful meaning in the language of flowers. In other cultures, it is a flower that is offered to the loved one, as in Japan which is his country of origin. In addition to love, the chrysanthemum expresses loyalty, hope, joy, …


cyclamen de novembre
Credit: Hungda

Small flowers grouped at the top of stems raised towards the sky, the cyclamen is a flower that is not afraid of the cold. This is good in this month of November when temperatures drop as the duration of sunshine.

In the language of flowers, the cyclamen is precisely inspired by its resistance to difficult conditions.

Its meaning is linked to a strong love that will withstand all trials. We can even offer it to express a love tinged with jealousy. Thus, offering cyclamen can mean “I love you so much that I can’t stand someone else approaching you”.

While the cold is more and more present in this month of November, do not hesitate to offer flowers to your loved ones. You can be certain that this present will warm their hearts !

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